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Translators needed for UN projects (ENg/FRe/SPa native)

Translators are expected to have relevant educational background with an university degree, knowledge of UN operations and development issues, previous experience with translations for UN development agencies; fluency in written and spoken English and must be a native speaker.

Currently, we are waiting for the confirmation of several UN Agencies and Programmes translation projects of great volume, for which we need to assemble additional team of translators.
Please also note that these projects will only be launched after previous confirmation. If interested in participating in these additional teams of translators please provide us with the following:* Updated version of your CV containing a list of recent projects performed for International Organisations;* Scanned copies of your main university diplomas, if possible;* Daily capacity for translation, editing and proofreading services;* Best rates for each effort.
In case your help in these UN translation projects were not required, we would still like to add you to our roster of elligible translators.
All the best,Florencia

Characteristics No teleworking
No planned travel
Working time:Part-time
Country of the law under which the assignment contract is placed : Argentina

Beneficiary of the mission: Myself / My Company

Fee:Minimum rate: 0.10 USD
Fee:maximum 0.20 USD

Characteristics of ideal applicant
Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Trados

Geographical location of the assignment:5000 Capital ar

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